Plinarski forum 2022.

21st Forum on Gas

Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre, 31 March 2022

Fight gas with gas

The demand for energy is increasing, and no form of energy in the energy mix should exclude the other. Namely, the era of fossil fuels will, in spite of everything, continue for a long time, and the demand for them continues. At the same time, the current energy and political crisis in the world is such that 'volatility' in energy markets has become a key word and it is impossible to predict what it will be in just a week.

Although the relevant Croatian state authorities have done everything in their power to prevent even greater market shocks, the situation is alarming, extraordinary. Namely, in addition to the current problems with suppliers due to high gas prices, problems due to reduced gas consumption can be expected soon, which will jeopardize the revenues of gas distribution system operators, which could have a negative impact on their safety and reliability. With all this, all members of the 'gas chain' continue to suffer the same problems that have not been solved in the last 20 years. All these are some of the highlights from the 21st Forum on Gas.

Despite all these difficulties, and those that can be expected in the future, gas will be used as an energy source for many years to come. All this time, until some future non-carbon energy society, someone will have to design, build, build, install, maintain, service, repair, manage, test etc. gas systems, installations, devices and all related equipment.

In all this, just as before, the Forum on Gas will have its role as a place for expert discussion, for exchange of experiences and thoughts, for warning about shortcomings and problems and for proposing solutions in the gas and all related fields.


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