Plinarski forum 2022.

21st Forum on Gas

Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre, March, 31st 2022.

Is There a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

While gas prices across Europe are skyrocketing, and experts warn that some countries are facing problems with gas supply, at the same time many are turning away from gas as an energy source. What seemed like black scenario just a few years ago has become a reality today. But perhaps the future of gas use is not as bleak as it seems to some now, and the years to come will show that gas is still a great transitional energy source toward a carbon-free age.

In any case, it's still worth to talk about gas, to discuss about it and to very well thnik about it when it comes to energy supply. On the other hand, has there been a better place in the past 20 years to discuss about gas, to exchange experiences and opinions, to present new projects, technical solutions and achievements than the Forum on Gas?


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