Forum on Gas 2024

23rd Forum on Gas

Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre, 21 March 2024

Gas - the Energy Source of the Present

Probably many still remember the slogan 'Gas - the Energy Source of the Future'. Although not much has passed since then, a lot has changed in the market, in the economy and in society as a whole, and at first glance it seems as if the gas has been pushed into the back corner. On the other hand, gas is still the leading energy source in many areas: both for heating and in various technological processes, and the gas market continues to achieve excellent results. At the same time, there is no shortage of gas projects: new gas pipelines, new gas import and export terminals, new gas deposits in the world.

According to all the energy and economic scenarios considered, it is to be expected that gas will be used less and less in the future. However, we live in the present where gas is still an irreplaceable player. This is precisely why gas deserves to be talked about and discussed, to consider new solutions, projects and application possibilities, and the Forum on Gas, as a conference focused on professionals and professional solutions, is the right place for that.



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