Voda na dlanu 2022

2nd Conference on Water Treatment, Preparation, Purification and Protection

Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre, 10 March 2022

Water need to be taken care of, just like a drop of water in the palm of a hand

The water supply is one of the areas that has noticeably felt the benefits of Croatia's accession to the European Union. Namely, each EU member state can significantly improve water supply and sewage projects with the help of European funds. In Croatia, the situation of water management has already improved, and it will be even better.
On the other hand, wastewater treatment should not be exaggerated either when it comes to the dimension of the plant or when it comes to the degree of purification. Regarding wastewater treatment, the problem of sludge remains, but there are already several solutions to how it can be successfully solved.
In any case, as a valuable resource water should be preserved and used appropriately, carefully and economically that means implementation of up-to-date solutions for water supply systems management, for monitoring and control of its consumption and quality but also its treatment, preparation, purification and protection technologies.
Of course, in order for all this to be possible, a clear strategy is needed.
All of this, but also much more, were the topics of The 2nd Conference on Water Treatment, Preparation, Purification and Protection, Water Supply and Sewage Systems Voda na dlanu.


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