Seminar on Possibilities of Renewable Energy Sources Implementation

Energy from the Depths

Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre, 23 February 2023

Energy is Everywhere Around Us

The energy transition, decarbonization and the fight against climate change require an increasingly rapid shift away from fossil fuels and a complete transition to renewable sources. Energy from the immediate surroundings, especially that from the earth, underground and surface water, is available to everyone, but expert solutions are definitely needed in order to use it in a correct, economical and environmentally least harmful way.

Ground-water and water-water heat pumps, as well as geothermal power plants and heating plants, are increasingly common throughout Europe, and Croatia, compared to many other countries, has significant geothermal potential.

This is the reason why expert discussions, exchange of ideas and thoughts in this area are necessary, all in order to make it possible to exploit this almost free energy to the greatest extent possible (of course, energy itself is free, but the systems, equipment and devices for its exploitation are not !). Many completed projects, as well as those that will follow, show that everything is moving in the right direction.


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