District Heating 2023

3rd Forum on Solutions for District Heating and Cooling

Osijek, The Osijek Vicariate, 14 and 15 September 2023

District Heating is Heating of the Future!

Regardless of the current energy and gas crisis, it is obvious that gas as an energy source for heating, more precisely central gas heating for apartments, will be used less and less in the years to come. After all, some countries already prohibit the installation of gas heating systems in newly built houses and buildings after a certain year. The question arises how to effectively and affordably solve the heat supply of houses and buildings. Solar thermal systems are a solution only where there is sufficient solar radiation available all year round, heat pumps are also not a solution where there are various spatial or similar restrictions for their installation and operation. Therefore, well-tested solutions such as centralized heat energy supply systems remain.

With such central heating systems, regardless of whether they are used to supply only one building, several buildings, an entire settlement or even entire cities and even regions, anything can be used as an energy source. Biomass district heating systems have not been new for a long time, and Croatia has also had a solar heating plant for several years. However, it is also possible to use waste heat from various industrial or technological processes, and geothermal energy is increasingly coming to the fore. There is more and more talk about 5th generation district heating systems, where, just like with electric power, consumers of thermal energy will also be able to be its producers. Finally, we should not forget gas as an energy source for heating plants. After all, it is much easier to implement measures to reduce emissions on one large, central boiler, than on thousands of small boilers in apartments and houses.

This is also the reason why district heating and district heating systems deserve a separate place for discussing this issue and for presenting new solutions, achievements and completed projects.

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