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EGE technical magazine

EGE technical magazine

The EGE technical magazine (which is the acronym of Croatian words standing for power industry, economy, ecology and ethics) has been appearing since 1993 and by the end of 2021 it appeared in a total of 141 issues.

Topics addressed by the magazine mostly cover following areas of professional interest:

  • energy and power industry, heat supply and energy management (power plants, district heating plants, energy plants, nuclear power industry, electric and energy systems, energy efficiency, energy savings and project realization and implementation possibilities)
  • economy related to power industry and technology in general (power source prices, energy strategies etc.)
  • technology, systems, installations, heating and domestic hot water heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and cooling equipment
  • gas and gas engineering, systems, installations and equipment and chimney-sweeping
  • renewable energy sources
  • ecology and environmental protection
  • electrical engineering, lighting
  • e-mobility
  • designing, handling, maintenance, research and engineering
  • control, managing, measuring and computer application
  • construction and thermal insulation regulations
  • rules and regulations, standardization, education and professional development, expert meetings and fairs
  • engineering and business ethics.

The magazine is entirely distributed by subscription, mostly throughout Croatia, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia.

Magazine readership includes professionals who deal with topics from the mentioned fields in their daily work and these include in the first place experts from the field of power industry, employees of higher-education and scientific institutions and state administration bodies, designers, repairmen, fitters and power, thermal power, process and gas equipment contractors, installations and plants, equipment dealers and others interested in topics for any other reason.

More at www.ege.hr.

Portal www.energetika-net.com

Portal www.energetika-net.com

The development of the www.energetika-net.com Internet Portal started in 2005. It is now one of few portals in Croatia and neighbouring countries that on daily basis brings news from the field of power and energy and gas industry and technology, installations, thermotechnology (heating, cooling, air-conditioning, ventilation), renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, environmental protection and electromobility.
It is intended for all who need the novelties from this field in their daily work such as investors, designers, contractors, equipment manufacturers, state officials, professional associations members, scientists and higher education students. By bringing information to professionals, offering breaking news, related stories and other additional contents the Portal represents a service provider of all relevant information from the field it covers.

Besides daily news the Portal keeps track of developments in energy industry and economy and brings interesting insights and comments on current topics. The comments section titled ‘Short Circuit’ is very well visited and often quoted in other media. We offer our visitors a number of useful contents and information such as public tenders and gas and air-conditioning technology data base. A Portal Newsletter is sent to more than 14 000 e-mail addresses every 30 days. Interesting and well-visited Newsletter sections are the ‘Interview of the Month’ and the ‘Highlights’, which serves for publishing of technical articles in the Newsletter and on the Portal homepage.

Advertisers are offered new and more advanced advertising possibilities in the form of promotional and technical stories in the ‘Specials’ section and are connected to the Portal homepage. Apart from the ‘Interview of the Month’ and the ‘Highlights’, we now offer new target sections where you can present your products and services, interesting projects and invite us to do a story on your company or references.
Banners are the standard way of Internet advertising. In order to meet the needs of our advertisers in this field we offer different banner types and sizes, which can be placed on the homepage or in a preferred section, on positions that are singled out or integrated into the Portal’s editor content.

More at www.energetika-net.com.

EM Conferences 2022

EM Conferences 2022

This year we are preparing the following professional gatherings:

    • Voda na dlanu:
      2nd Conference on Water Treatment, Preparation, Purification and Protection,
      Zagreb, 10 March 2022
    • Plinarski forum:
      21st Forum on Gas,
      Zagreb, 31 March 2022
    • Nova era prometa:
      3rd Forum on Electric, Gas, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles and Solutions for a Sustainable Development in Transport,
      Zagreb, Buzin, 19 May 2022
    • Hrvatski seminar o tlačnoj opremi:
      19th Croatian Seminar on Pressure Equipment,
      Zagreb, 12 July 2022
    • Power & Energy Masters:
      15th International Scientific-Technical Symposium Power and Process Plants
      10th International Forum on Renewable Energy Sources
      Zadar, 12 - 14 October 2022
    • Svijetla budućnost (Bright Future):
      4th Conference on New Technologies, Robotization and Automatization in Industry and Buildings HRVATSKA 4.0
      8th Conference on Energy Efficient Lighting, Smart Homes, Buildings and Cities,
      Zagreb, 1 and 2 December 2022


ENERGETIKA MARKETING d.o.o. is founded in 1990 and presently employs a staff of 10 in its two offices: in Zagreb and Ljubljana. Company headquarters are in Zagreb. In 1993 we have launched our basic ‘product’the EGE technical magazine. It covers a wide range of topics from the field of energy and power industry, economy, ecology and ethics (the name is an acronym of the related Croatian expressions) and is acknowledged and recognised among professionals from Croatia and the neighbouring countries. In 1997 we expanded our activities to Slovenian market and started publishing the EGES technical magazine.

So far we have published more than twenty technical books covering the area of energy and power industry, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, gas engineering, renewable energy sources, installations, pressure equipment etc. Some of them have already gone through several editions and some have been translated into Slovenian language.

Another important field of our activity oraganization is technical conferences. At the moment we successfully organize several technical conferences: Power&Energy Masters (biannually, 14 times so far), ‘Forum on Gas’ (annually, 20 times so far) ‘Croatian Pressure Equipment Seminar’ (annually, 18 times so far), ‘Forum on Airconditioning’ (biannually, eight times so far), ‘Conference on Energy Efficient Lighting’ (annually, seven times so far), ‘Croatia 4.0’ (annually, three times so far), ‘District Heating’ (biannually, two times so far), ‘New Era of Transport’ (annually, two times so far) and ‘Water on a palm of a Hand’ (biannually, one time so far).

In May 2005 we have launched a unique Internet portal www.energetika-net.com which brings daily updates and reliable pieces of information from the field of energy and power industry, economy, gas technology and market, installations, thermotechnology (heating, cooling, airconditioning, ventilation) and water, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, environmental protection and electromobility.

Over the past years we have been organizing and providing assistance in organization (media sponsorship and alike) of numerous events such as technical presentations, seminars, workshops and alike for various clients (companies, state administration bodies, institutions, professional associations). We have so far produced (including translation into Croatian and Slovene and prepress) numerous booklets, leaflets, catalogues, brochures, manuals, professional and technical documentation etc.

It has to be mentioned that during the development of these projects we have established a comprehensive database of more than 20 000 experts from Croatia and other countries active in all areas of our business activities. Furthermore, we have established information and data exchange networks with more than 20 editorial boards of technical and related journals from all around the globe and have a business co-operation agreement with Strobel Verlag, a renowned German technical publisher. It would be our great pleasure to have You as our business partner and we look forward to this opportunity.