Seminar on Possibilities of Renewable Energy Sources Implementation

Solar Energy 2023

Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre, 25 May 2023

Let's Turn to the Sunny Side

Solar energy is a renewable source that is probably the easiest to exploit. To begin with the appropriate architectural solution of the house or building, the energy of solar radiation can be used passively. The conversion of solar energy into electrical and thermal energy does not really require complex technical systems. The designs of today's photovoltaic plants (systems) and solar thermal systems are truly extremely simple and, if it is a smaller system, their installation is quick and easy.

This is the reason why PV plants are the solution for the use of renewable resources, the most widely used of which in the world. On the other hand, it seems that the once rapid application of solar thermal systems has slowed down a bit in the last few years. Regardless of all that, solar energy has enormous potential, especially in countries like Croatia. However, it seems that this potential (except in plans and strategies) has not yet been given the place it deserves.

This is the reason why expert discussions, exchange of ideas and thoughts in the field of solar energy are necessary in order to use it as much as possible, in any way.


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